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OTI License Revocations
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The FMC has given notice that the following ocean transportation intermediary licenses have been revoked. A revocation may occur after a license is surrered voluntarily by the OTI or for failure to maintain a valid bond.
- license #028303N: 5G Enterprises LLC
- license #020555F: Ace Global Distribution LLC
- license #025144NF: AC Export LLC
- license #021335N: Air Eagle Logistics Inc.
- license #030324N: Amgusa Inc.
- license #019437F: Anchor Customs Brokerage LLC
- license #027832F: Blue Wake International LLC
- license #032156NF: C&L 3PL Service Inc.
- license #022888NF: CACC Global Logistics Inc.
- license #031728NF: Cargo World Corp.
- license #025497N: Caribbean American Shipping Express LLC
- license #028330NF: CMZ Worldwide Logistics Inc.
- license #029773N: DP World Logistics USA Inc.
- license #027399NF: Global Forwarding Enterprises Limited Liability Company
- license #029645N: Global Transit Supplychain Inc.
- license #022652N: HP International LLC
- license #032504N: Impexpress Corp.
- license #003769F: J.M.C. Cargo Services Inc.
- license #031794NF: Logisell Inc.
- license #022797N: Lupprian? Cargo Express Inc.
- license #023579N: M&D Global Logistics Inc.
- license #022691N: Major Consolidation Logistics Inc.
- license #001633F: Paxton Van Lines Incorporated
- license #030887N: Riwang International Logistics Inc.
- license #023462N: S.O. Express Moving International Inc.
- license #029720NF: Skuteam Inc.
- license #017258F: Skycel Inc.
- license #029046NF: Smart Shipping Services Inc.
- license #028724N: Total Shipping LLC
- license #014942N: Trans Ocean International Ltd.
- license #028069N: VCB International Logistic LLC
- license #029506NF: ZHL Supply Chain Management LLC

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