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Delta Airlines Announces Delta Sync
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A New IFE System Delta has announced a major upgrade to its IFE offering onboard.
Delta Air Lines is planning a major overhaul to its in-flight entertainment (IFE) experience for passengers through its new Delta Sync platform. SkyMiles members will now be able to curate their experience through a journey, being able to pick up where they left off on each leg and access exclusive perks, including food and beverage ordering in first class. Lets find out more.
Major overhaul
Speaking at CES 2023 (Consumer Electronics Show), Delta CEO Ed Bastian made several big announcements. One was the rollout of Delta Sync, a new tem that allows frequent flyers to customize their IFE and travel experience. SkyMiles members will be able to log into their accounts for their devices and seatback screens, allowing them to access additional services, follow previously watched shows, as well as get notifications for their flight and account.
The goal behind Delta Sync is to make every flight as seamless as the last, meaning that ing the IFE doesnt present a blank slate every time. Indeed, the definition of traditional IFE is now being challenged, with the carrier now including access to the streaming service Paramount+ for all members to enjoy shows on the fly. From New York Times games to restaurant bookings, the carrier is betting big on passengers making Delta their primary carrier.
The service will also inform you of key details, such as delayed connecting flights or progress to the next membership tier. Overall, your IFE tem will more closely resemble an online hub than a screen containing a few episodes of TV shows and a ion of movies.
To attract more SkyMiles members, Delta also plans on rolling out Delta Sync Exclusives. These perks will be reserved for frequent flyers and include offers on American Express credit cards, access to services like Resy and Paramount+, and of course, access to free WiFi on all Delta flights.
Perhaps the most no service change is the addition of on-demand ordering in domestic first class. Presumably, travelers will be able to request any food or beverage from the menu throughout the flight rather than waiting for cart service to . This will mark a big change for the airline and could be a major attraction for those flying in premium cabins.
The service will be rolled out later in 2023, with the first tests expected over the summer. Keep an eye out as Delta rolls out a slew of passenger-frily services to keep customers loyal and bring more onboard. In a statement, CEO Ed Bastian said, "Delta Sync elevates what it means to be a Delta SkyMiles Member by enabling a journey that fits you perfectly and grows more rewarding the more you travel. The future of travel is one where your digital and physical experiences come together in a seamless, warm and personal way, making those human travel connections even more meaningful.”
All about the free WiFi
Delta Sync is underpinned by Deltas rollout of free WiFi across nearly the entire mainline fleet from February 1st onward. The first major US airline to do so, the feature will set the airline back $1 billion. Partnering with T-Mobile, all SkyMiles members will be able to access unlimited WiFi on any number of devices, available on roughly about 80% of the fleet.

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