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Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach expand hours to speed cargo throughput
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Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach expand hours to speed cargo throughput, first step toward 24/7 operations The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have expanded the hours during which trucks can pick up and return containers as part of their efforts to improve freight movement and reduce delays through the ports as they continue to experience record volumes.

The Port of Long Beach will maximise nighttime operations in what the port’s utive director Mario Cordero referred to as a first step toward a 24/7 supply chain. Port of Los Angeles utive director Gene Seroka announced that the Port of Los Angeles will expand week operating gate hours on a pilot basis to ensure that gate availability meets cargo demands. Both ports have called on marine terminal operators to incentivise the use of all available gate hours, especially night gates, to reduce congestion and maximize cargo throughput capacity.
The ports plan to work closely with the trucking community to ensure that all truck operators understand how to take advantage of incentivised gate hours as well as the expanded opportunities that will be d to move cargo during non-peak times.
The two San Pedro Bay ports are working closely with the White House Supply Chain Disruptions Task Force to alleviate bottlenecks and speed up the movement of goods to consumers, while also expanding opportunities for US exporters.

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