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Chinese Quartz in Vietnamese Vanities May be Evading AD/CV Duties, CBP Says
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U.S. Customs and Border Protection has determined that there is a reasonable suspicion that an importer is evading the antidumping and countervailing duty orders on quartz surface products from China by not paying AD/CV duties on Chinese-origin quartz incorporated into bathroom vanities imported from Vietnam, which is covered by the scope of the orders.
As a result of its determination, CBP is imposing the following interim measures.
- susping liquidation of each unliquidated entry of covered goods entered on or after March 24, 2021
- exting the liquidation period for each unliquidated entry entered before that date
- requiring live entry, rejecting any entry summaries that do not comply, and requiring a refile of entries within the entry summary reject period
- evaluating the importer’s continuous bonds to determine their sufficiency
- if necessary, requiring a single transaction bond or additional security or the posting of a cash deposit with respect to covered goods Under CBP regulations implementing the Enforce and Protect Act, any interested party, including competing importers and federal government agencies, may submit allegations that AD/CV duties are being evaded; e.g., by misrepresenting the goods’ true country of origin, submitting false or incorrect shipping and entry documentation, or misreporting the goods’ physical acteristics.
CBP has broad authority to investigate these claims and can impose initial remedial measures that could interrupt a supply chain in as little as 90 days. Any final determination of evasion may be met with not only AD/CV duties but also other enforcement measures such as civil or criminal investigations.

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