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AD/CV News: Engines, PET Sheet, Rebar, Violet Pigment, Wind Towers
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The International Trade Administration and/or International Trade Commission have recently announced the following actions in antidumping and/or countervailing duty cases.

Engines – new AD/CV petition filed on small vertical shaft engines from China, with alleged dumping margins from 455.01 to 548.74 percent (subject goods are spark-ignited, non-road, vertical shaft engines, primarily for walk-behind lawn mowers but also used for other non-hand-held outdoor power equipment, predominantly classified under HTSUS 8407.90.1010 but also classified under HTSUS 8407.90.1020, 8407.90.9040, and 8407.90.9060)

PET sheet – scheduling of final phase of AD injury investigations of polyethylene terephthalate sheet from Korea and Oman (hearing scheduled for July 14, pre-hearing briefs due July 7, post-hearing briefs due July 20, final comments due Aug. 14)

Rebar – affirmative determination that steel concrete reinforcing bar from Mexico that is bent on one or both s and otherwise meets the description of in-scope goods, if produced and/or exported by Deacero S.A.P.I. de C.V. to the U.S., is circumventing the AD duty order on rebar from Mexico

Violet pigment – rescission of administrative review of AD duty order on carbazole violet pigment 23 from India for the period Dec. 1, 2018, through Nov. 30, 2019, and instruction to CBP to assess AD duties on entries of such goods at the applicable cash deposit rates

Wind towers – scheduling of final phase of AD and/or CV injury investigations of utility scale wind towers from Canada, Indonesia, Korea, and Vietnam, with hearing scheduled for June 18, pre-hearing briefs due by June 17, post-hearing briefs due by July 2, and final comments due by July 27

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