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Third round of 301 tariff exclusions announced
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The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative has released its third round of imported products from China that are now exempt from the so-called Section 301 tariffs.

On July 6, the Trump administration imposed tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese imports as part of its Section 301 investigation of China’s trade policies. At the same time, however, it allowed U.S. companies to seek exclusions for their Chinese imports — if they could show that the products are only available from China, the tariffs cause “severe economic harm” and the products are not strategic to the “Made in China 2025” or other Chinese industrial programs.

USTR accepted these Section 301 exclusion requests through Oct. 9. In December, it announced the first round of tariff exclusions, which was followed by a second round in March.

This latest round of exclusions includes 21 specific tariff product descriptions, which cover 348 separate exclusion requests. These exclusions retroactively apply to imports made after the July 6 tariff imposition.

Included in this third round of tariff exclusions are pumps designed for countertop appliances for serving beer; roller machines for cutting, etching or embossing paper, foil or fabric; water oxidizers and chlorinators; ratchet winches used in textile fabric strapping; elevators and conveyors for moving minerals; counterweights and carriage apparatus for forklifts; drill sharpening machine parts; outer shells of hydraulic accumulators; mechanical awning and shade parts; certain metal working tools; stainless steel watercraft steering wheels; certain brass and bronze pressure regulators; certain aluminum pipe brackets; steel push pins and C-poles; ball bearings not exceeding 30 millimeters; soldering iron and machine parts; motor vehicle gear shift switch assemblies; heat pump and air conditioning condenser pressure switches; and instruments for measuring or checking voltage or electrical connections.

Panama Canal warns of sharper El Niño draft limits

SINGAPORE — The Panama Canal Authority said the El Niño weather phenomenon is forcing draft restrictions in the waterway, but the impact of those restrictions on ship transits has been limited. A pinch will come within three weeks, however, if there isn’t enough rainfall, its chief warned.

“Right now there is a 45-foot draft restriction on the Neopanamax locks. If the dry spell continues, we may need to restrict it to 44 feet. But very few container ships have a draft beyond 45 feet, so the impact is not that much. It will start to hit us at a 44 foot draft; the next 20 days are critical,” Jorge Luis Quijano, administrator and chief utive of the Panama Canal Authority, said in a recent interview.

While the authority has imposed its draft restriction on the canal’s enlarged locks, which are able to handle ships with up to 14,800 TEU in capacity, the old locks, which are limited to ships with capacities of up to 5,000 TEU, remain unaffected.

The canal authority is working on plans for a third water reservoir, which would help replenish the locks tem during dry weather as well as supply drinking water to Panamas population of 4 million. Quijano said the authority will make a decision on whether to proceed by the of the year, adding that such a project would take about four years to complete.

“If we are going to have more transits, then you will have to have more water,” Quijano told in July.

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