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Inland Distribution Wrap-Up: Shippers value solutions over savings
American Shipper
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How to secure capacity and work better with carriers of all types was the key theme of the 2018 JOC Inland Distribution Conference held Oct. 22-24. The conference brought 374 attees, including more than 100 shippers from 65 companies, to Oak Brook, Illinois, for three days of rounds, panel discussions, regional think tanks, and a technology innovation jam.
They received a clear message on the economy: don’t rely on the traditional boom-and-bust “cycle” to save you from rising transportation costs. The economy will grow throughout 2019, although perhaps not as robustly as in 2018. Shippers need stronger partnerships with carriers to carry them through the late years of what may be the longest expansion on record.
It’s what Senior Editor Eric Johnson called “the Sadie Hawkins Freight Moment,” with shippers chasing down motor carriers, rather than the other way around. Those shippers, however, are pursuing long-term solutions to persistent transportation problems, rather than short-term savings. They’ll need solutions as the Amazon and electronic logging device (ELD) eras continue to collide.
US truckload shippers prep for 2019 price hikes
Truckload shippers battered by rising transportation rates in 2018 aren’t waiting complacently for the next wave of potential disruption. They’re preparing for another round — albeit a lighter one — of price hikes in 2019 by reaching out to transportation and logistics providers in search of new ways to better work together (some call that collaboration) to secure capacity.
Money can’t solve US landside bottlenecks in container shipping
More money for infrastructure, additional assets, and higher freight rates won’t solve the freight bottlenecks plaguing US ocean shipping and distribution; only a focus on the freight-handling inefficiencies that cause these problems will. Beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) will continue to deal with a “massive increase in complexity” as they move goods from ports to inland distribution facilities.
‘Shipper of choice’ means being more than ‘truck driver-frily’
Being driver-frily is just the start, not the goal, of being a shipper of choice. To truly become a shipper of choice, businesses need to align themselves and integrate planning and processes much more closely with trucking companies, and that means working in a collaborative strategic fashion, not an ad hoc transactional basis.
Chicago’s dray challenges resonate across United States
Chicago, the largest freight market in the United States, is a microcosm of the larger dray challenges facing the country. That means shippers, railroads, intermodal rail companies, and trucking firms will be watching the Windy City closely this fourth quarter and winter as they try to stave off the kind of disruption they suffered in Chicago during the winter of 2017-2018.

PierPass OffPeak Program 2.0
Expected Changes on November 19, 2018
Preparation Checklist

All non-exempt containers will be ged the Traffic Mitigation Fee (TMF) during ALL shifts effective November 19th, 2018 subject to the conclusion of applicable Federal Maritime Commission procedures.

Are you registered?

Registration is at

What is the new TMF?

$63.04 for all other sizes of containers

Where do I pay the TMF?

Payments will continue to be at

What is an exempt container that does not pay the TMF?

• Empty containers
• Rail intermodal containers
• Transshipped containers (cargo that arrives at the Port of Los Angeles or Long Beach on one vessel and leaves on a second vessel without entering U.S. commerce)
• Domestic cargo

Do I need to make an appointment to pick-up import containers?

Yes. See your terminal’s appointment tem information at

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