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LAs APL terminal s after picketing
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International Longshore and Warehouse Union Local 63 and the APL terminal in Los Angeles reached a contract Saturday for the newly organized supervisors, and cargo-handling operations at the facility returned to normal.

The details of the contract for the former management supervisors were not immediately available. During the negotiations, ILWU Local 63 reportedly was seeking to almost double the wages to about $150,000 and increase the number of supervisors to 10 from 6 when they were management personnel.

This is the first supervisor contract that Local 63 has signed in Los Angeles-Long Beach since it launched its organizing effort earlier this year. The union is also attempting to negotiate contracts for Pasha Terminals and Stevedoring, Ports America-ITS and Everport. There are 13 container terminals in Los Angeles-Long Beach.

In a tactic that has been used in the past for negotiating terminal-specific contracts, the union placed pickets at APL on Thursday, shutting down the facility into Saturday. Local 63 and APL were close to reaching an agreement early Saturday, so the union called off its pickets and cargo-handling resumed. The contract was reached later in the day.

Two vessels were at the terminal Thursday when it was shut down. The Marine Exchange of Southern California reported that another vessel was due in on Sunday and a second on Tuesday.

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